Table Mountain Cable Car

Table Mountain Cable Car Tickets For 2020

The Aerial Cableway is a marvelous piece of machinery in Cape Town Central. The Cableway eases the ascent. Most people ascending, make use of the transport incorporating modern technological advances and the old cableway pulley.

The building was the Mother City’s initiative to bring tourism into South Africa. Since then, over 28 million visitors have ascended by the funicular. Table Mountain height at over 1 kilometer (3280.84 feet) high and has different weather to the surrounding city.

During cloud cover, the ride ascends the massive rock in clouds.

Table Mountain’s height is the most significant take away from the natural wonder. The marvelous peak is a memorable occasion for those choosing to pass through the large rock by the enormous cliff’s Aerial Cableway.

Deals, including birthday specials, a popular Cape Town discount, are available on occasions throughout the year. Another one of those specials, the R90 special, is popular with SA citizens.

Prices, including the cost to go to Tafelberg, discussed in more detail. Whatever the occasion and whatever the time, the funicular is there to enjoy a natural environment.

Tickets To Table Mountain Cableway

Get passes via this site to access the sheer rock mass. Buy vouchers in advance during the season since costs priced now. Why not try ordering online? One of those reasons to get advance.

Lines are long. During peak times, queues extend. An influx of visitors idealizes the large land object’s use. We compare express passes to any other concert tickets, sports tickets, or airline tickets.

There are admissions one can buy to use at the Aerial Cableway, comparative to buying tickets at work. Cable Car birthday specials and available those with South African identity cards; tourists can get a Table Mountain exclusive using our website.

See details of other vouchers and those discounts for foreigners ascending the mind-blowing stone using the Cableway. One more thing, to visit the shapely peak during any season, many people are competing in line to escalate the mid-sized peak.

By purchasing admissions online through this website, visitors give themselves time over travelers’ hordes, looking to go up the towering cliff during the best Tafelberg weather.

Special prices now seen on the website, those reduced rates apply to pre-booked tickets. Do not miss the unbelievable stone rock face! There are things to see. More to do in Cape Town than people can imagine.

Table Mountain Cableway Web Tickets

One may question where visitors should buy passes. That is a good question, and we talk to discuss details on how travelers can buy express passes. Buy admissions for the rock star peak at the usual places. Let us not get too much detail, because we will discuss buying vouchers online through our website.

South African citizens, those holding the valid ID, can only buy birthday specials, including specials, the sunset special, and the R90 special. For most of the people ascending, tourists-from other countries, the options include buying e-cards online.

The better way to buy entries online is via us because purchasing vouchers through our site is secure. Most ticket outlets such as PNP and other web tickets sellers are not time-saving. Nor are those sellers convenient to pay with a chosen currency.

Table Mountain Ticket Specials

Buy admissions? The right place with us! No need to seek e-vouchers elsewhere, nor information, because right here, we discuss how tourists buy specials. Vouchers purchased in advance, with little hassle via our shop. For those South African citizens requiring the wildcard special or the birthday special, they are only available to the SA citizens, and those details are available by contacting the TMACC. Now, for the foreigners visiting the site, specials to the great big rock, everyone is in for a surprise!

Since we are not only selling web tickets, more information exists than one can imagine. Reading material includes how often does the Aerial Cableway run? Are the Cable Cars open, Tafelberg contact, and annual maintenance schedule.

The first step in getting started is to buy admissions to the massive peak via us. After payment made, please take a moment to read through the FAQ section. View the latest costs for Table Mountain. Those costs include queuing times and the best time to visit.

Tafelberg Cable Car

Buy admission on our website. Birthday specials need purchasing in person at the Aerial Cableway, with a valid South African ID. The conditions on the earthly peak are iffy. Find out in advance what the temperatures are on the day.

Passes for the ride and queuing times depend on the weather, so try to search Google. Maybe visitors have to re-book Tafelberg rides for another day. Most days, the operations run and do not change operations hours.

There is a twist; on occasions, the transport has to close due to severe weather. At those times, best to enquire on a web search for the following 14 days.

Sightseeing Stop Near The Cable Car

On visiting the mind-blowing peak, let us take a moment to discuss the City Sightseeing stop. The place of interest, located outside the funicular. There is a stop right beside the Aerial Cableway where visitors can jump off and jump off for the ride.

Tours are available at the upper station on the hour, the TMACC schedule applies. There are other ways how to visit the sizeable prominent peak, including taking a private ride during the day up to the Tafelberg Road parking.

That self-driving will find it hard on most days to access the Visitors Center without contesting for parking.

Once there, the visitor information center is to the right, look left, and hop on hop off the Red Bus. Opening hours are that of attraction, affected by the weather, and operations shut during severe conditions.

That means that on gale-force wind and rainy days, it may be best to find contact details to check whether the Cable Car is open. The funiculars are closed for two weeks during the year for annual maintenance, but, during this time, entries are unavailable on the site, and Cableway hours are closed. To check more, continue reading.

Table Mountain Cable Car Sources For 2020

Wow, the city is unbelievable! Wonders await those who travel to Tafelberg, a New Seven Wonder of Nature. Those brave to visit may be familiar with safety, a topic of great concern for those visitors coming to Western Cape.

No wonder many people consider South Africa to be a crime hotspot of the world! The metropolitan district is risky. Crime hotspots reported less than that of Johannesburg, but still relevant to fear. With a large population of over 4.5 million people, the Cape region is a big small city.

The Western Cape is large enough to have lots of variety.

Cape Town hotels cater to most tourists from over the world, from low-end backpackers to high-end, five-star boutique hotels. Buildings on Camps Bay Main Rd., Clifton Fourth, and around the Atlantic seaboard are booming. The Cape’s upcoming events are buzzing!

Most people enjoy the non-stop partying environment that the Western Cape offers, better than other African counterparts. The highest peak is just one of those places one can see the endless possibilities in South Africa.

Tourism does not stop there, and hikes-it (trekking) is a Mother City favorite on Tafelberg and Lion’s Head. Hike, both peaks offer opportunities for endless fun. Those not comfortable hiking the rocky peak can opt for the Cable Car, taking visitors to the full elevation of Table Mountain’s height.

The next few paragraphs give visitors an overview of the Cableway and the National Park. No article is complete without a glimpse of Cape Town tourism. So let us review Africa’s iconic pinnacle. Questions? Wait until the end of the article, where we answer the FAQ in our quick tips.

The electrical funicular is the alternative to hiking the tall pinnacle. One must decide beforehand whether to hike up and use the return ride or take the Cableway both ways.

We can buy exclusive deals for the mountain online through our website. Along with the cards come fun facts on the South African historical monument, including the height and directions, including how to get there.

There are extraordinary sunset photographs made their way to the media in recent times. TMACC established business over two decades ago, which supported many upgrades. The latest renovations happened on the annual maintenance.

The business during that time hiked rates to the Cable Car, as they do every busy season. Prices explode based on the demand for the shuttle and the fact that it has transported over 28 million visitors since opening.

To get to this monstrosity of a building on Tafelberg Road, one must take either public transport or make one’s arrangements. Reach the Cableway building by either method as preferred.

Lower station directions start with navigating up to the steep road by car, foot, or bike. Proceeding, spy the signs that direct visitors to the base station. There is a MyCiTi bus terminal to the right as visitors enter the parking zone.

To the left, a Red Bus stop Search the weather beforehand to set up whether the ride is operational on the date using the cards. Specials applicable for funicular are not valid any other day, then printed on the e-vouchers.

We allow foreigners to buy admission online through us, and they are valid for seven days from the register.

Table Mountain National Park Information

A natural phenomenon spanning many hundreds of kilometers (or miles), the jagged peak is a protected zone. Comparable to the largest resorts in the world, the protected resort is a New Natural Wonder of Nature. Park entrance fees vary depending on the entry required, and Cableway fees apply for visitors taking the funicular.

Want to visit the peak on top with the Cable Car? The park does not have opening hours, the ride does. Since the company maintains the circular Cableway. Owners of the mountainous monument are the South African government and the divisions of SANParks.

Transportation, managed by the TMACC board of trustees. This incredible zone has wildlife and nature protected in the conservation status of the tourist destination. Wild animals that the nature reserve provides include forms of wild game, birds, insects, and reptiles. Rock mammals, including dassies, are more common than one considers.

Activities revolve around birdwatching, hiking, and wildlife spotting, like a safari! A map of the site is available at the visitor’s information counter, near the tourist information desk. It may cost the price of the ticket.

Maps, not required by default, because the walking path is straightforward to navigate! No one has ever needed extra guidance on a day that the upper Aerial Cableway is busy. So download a map online or buy one there.

Cape Town’s Official Tourism Guide

Our site has a comprehensive guide on Cape Town tourism to guide visitors and find the correct standards for guiding tourists to the mountainous peak. Safety is our concern for visiting international travelers.

The location affects one’s experience and security. Western Cape hotels are many. We only recommend staying within the Central and Atlantic Seaboard regions. Why? Easy access, but safety is another.

Another is to visit the Mother City during the busy months, while South Africa is experiencing its best weather.

Specials are available when Cape Town tourism associations expect the most visitors. Tafelberg tickets best bought in advance for the Cable Car or hike Table mountain. Do the trekking by following safety guidelines.

Netizens have fought long and hard on safety. Do not be a victim of Cape Town crime. To follow the guide of others’ experiences means that one will be on one’s way of visiting without guidance and getting the best prices.

Listen to reviews of others and get web tickets for the number one tourist spot beforehand to enjoy the cost-saving and safety aspects. Why do visitors want to visit an iconic pinnacle? Let us discuss the reasons.

South Africa’s Iconic National Cable Car.

African soil is home to over one famous tourist attraction. Famous South African heroes include Nelson Mandela. From singers to politicians, celebrities from the Southern Hemisphere include leaders from the past and present.

Freedom seekers, both the white and black nationals, ensured that democracy followed the post-apartheid regime. Today we have the challenges of maintaining that long fought democracy and the long walk to freedom, as well represented in the book, shown in the Cable Car.

The height is a symbol of freedom for locals, being a discussion and topic of lyrics for the many famous singers from SA. The Cape is a mix of the cultural revolution, iconic singers, and politicians from our time and post-apartheid Zuid Afrika.

To hike in the Mother City signifies the struggles of the past and makes way for the future visions of those South African leaders conquering political and humanitarian challenges.

The formation should point out to others, the resilience; most know the highest point for the flattop. That was not always the case. Three hundred thirty million years ago-the peak may have been at the base on the ocean floor.

It is rising above to face its challenges, the rock pictures strength and unity. Lions Head, Cape Town, another peak next to the park, shows the locals’ pride in the mountaintop formation. Those who want 360° views from the mother city.

Another pinnacle resembles an animal rock and symbolizes a lion’s pride. Famous South African actors have filmed on top of the smaller peak. A Wonder of Nature that has been in many YouTube videos, blogs, and news articles.

With the lion-shaped peak has vaster views than Table Top. That mountain is, too, part of the wildlife protected zone.

Table Mountain Cableway Review 2020

Today let us do something different. We will review the Aerial Cableway. To study something means to give an unbiased opinion of whether the visitor attraction is worth the time and money.

More funicular builds include the Cable Car Queensland, Sky Rail Rainforest Cableway tour, Kuranda Scenic Railway.

None other is better than our very own monument in Cape Town! Again, to review something, means that we will give our unbiased opinion on experiences. Those who visited the CPT landmark before, agree.

TripAdvisor Table Mountain is one of those places where reviews differ. We add to the abundance of people sharing their views. Let us review the South African National Parks again.

The maintained park itself is spectacular, offering many day trips, hiking expeditions, and tours up to the top. What we will discuss in writing is the Cable Car-and the associated cards.

Sources of verified writing on Google show many user opinions. Seek around for answers and find the Google My Business listing. That listing has thousands of positive reviews. So does the TripAdvisor webpage, but the average rating of the Aerial Cableway ranges between 4 to 5 stars on a five-point scale.

Ratings range from downright shocking based on subpar user experiences, to excellent world-class reviews with tickets. How users found that trip depends on whether their planning was up to speed.

Skip the line admissions are part of the offers on the website, showing reviews in a positive light, with the first-class experiences. Let us read on to Table Mountain’s excellent reviews!

Table Mountain Reviews

Year-round, the fun park is one of those places on the top 10 things to do in Cape Town. There are several attractions known as the core tourism landmarks. The visitor’s landmark is on the list of the preferred three activities on a South Africa tour.

The seasonal cable car is a year-round destination, but the best thing in the Cape during March, February, and December! Cape Town’s busy months are during the summer months of November to January.

Admissions during that time are hard to find, so best to book a ride in advance. Visit the peak depends on schedules, reviewing the times beforehand allows tourists to decide hours.

Tafelberg is one of the best day-trips one can do on vacation! Thousands of visitors have visited. The Aerial Cableway has excellent reviews, built over two decades ago and maintained until the present day.

Reviews point towards the excellent management of the TMACC with their carbon neutral footprint and skip the line cards purchased via our ticket sales page. Table Mountain’s contact details, sometimes unanswered, are unreliable.

That is busy business hours. The information is available on our site, much compared to the visitor information center. Not much else can go wrong, admissions bought before here, and the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway is easy to drive to by car.

Bus systems offer public transport to access the Lower station. They offer tours for free at the upper funicular on the hour and governed by the terms of the TMACC and weather dependent on the day. We recommend buying vouchers online through us.

Tickets Bought Beforehand

There is no better way to avoid queuing times than to pre-book online. Get Cable Car tickets before arrival. When to get e-vouchers depends much on the date itself and the time arriving in Cape Town.

Most people buy passes well before, compared to booking an international flight. The changes include the best time to buy airline tickets is seasonal, where South Africa is weather dependant.

Flight tickets are a pre-planned exercise, comparative to finding deals on Cable Car entries. As with the conditions, no schedule or seasonality, four seasons in one day, Cape Town weather can change, leading one to use the tickets later.

Visitors with specials can access the funicular with no advanced bookings or reservations-only SA citizens. To buy cards in time, one has to log into our website. There, our site provides the correct source of information available and options for advance tickets.

We recommend buying admission a full 24 hours before the journey, to avoid disappointment or poor planning. Despite the brief window, a full day should be the least time spent planning the ride.

We compare advance passes to movie tickets, cheap flights, and concert tickets-so plan! Booking or buying an e-voucher is synonymous with proper planning.

On our website, one can see the times for booking and look for well-priced tickets. Make the most of the journey. The best time for everyone differs. When travelers come to Cape Town, remember Table Mountain specials, such as the R90 special and the birthday special, do not need planning.

Remember that the ticket bought in advance dictates when one must queue at the express line. After ordering them online, web tickets sent out within a short time, so get there and be one of the first people to stand in line.

Table Mountain Height Facts For 2020

Table Mountain’s height is so high that 500-750 people stacked on top of each other make up the 1087 meters flat pinnacles’ altitude. That is five hundred to seven hundred times higher than the average human.

Height, or how tall something is, a calculation measured as length. Compared to a human’s height, the gigantic pinnacle is a giant! Elevation in feet is something different, and because we measure in the metric Table [Zuid Afrika], let us do the calculations later.

Tafelberg is one peak name among the highest. The famous peak is within the top 10 publicized in South Africa, and maybe even the most documented mountain ranges.

The leveled peak protrudes out at over 1 km (3280.84ft) high above the clouds, and far above the city. The seven highest mountains in the world. Far off from the New Seven Wonder of Nature. Tafelberg weather photographs show this massive rock face, sheer contrasting of Cape Town from behind a backdrop of the blue Atlantic Ocean.

Mount Everest might not be so different in terms of Table Mountain facts, and how the peak formed. At over 330 million years old, the primary rock made up of hard Granite.

To map the massive range proves challenging because locals have a hard time defining where the range begins-and ends. To classify peak names are more relaxed, because of the definitive shape and size of the various formations surrounding flattop outstretch.

Hikes recommended for those who want to learn more, unbelievable structures visible on the trail, give a higher level of insight into how the peak formed, too much under one article.

Tours arranged by TMACC on the hour are a preferred way by many to gain a free insight. Educational visits include how Table Mountain formed within the cost of a pass.

Maps are an excellent typical source of information available at the front desk counter of the tourist help. An exact height calculator estimated the height to be at around 1087 meters above sea level.

That brings the beast of a pinnacle into one of the tallest collective ranges on earth. To speculate on the map, one can expand the search for tops to the lateral ranges within hundreds of kilometers (or miles) on each opposing end.

Even within the proximity of just a few hundred meters, other ranges such as Lion’s Head, Devils Peak, and Signal Hill protrude with just as much emphasis as the seven highest mountains.

The Cable Car elevates the human-made contraption to the peak. The formations and peak names that may suggest otherwise include Maclear’s Beacon, the highest elevation on Tafelberg.

Table Mountain

The tall wall of a prehistoric cliff found on a pinnacle called Tafelberg as part of Western Cape, South Africa. Admissions found on our website, and most people buy web tickets through reputable web sellers.

Like us, pre-approved Tafelberg passes are in stock. Height discussed in the above paragraph. We included facts on hikes and combo deals. Directions to Tafelberg, discussed, while picture taking on large pinnacles and prices to ascend the over million-year-old ancient peak formation.

Table Mountain prices are a significant keystone of the articles discussed on this website. We have to review the Cable Car and updated costs for the current year in more detail. Since we discussed the directions, we will move on to the height facts on the funicular.

How tall is the Aerial Cableway? Let us discuss one of the most significant landmarks in the Cape region.

Height Of Table Mountain Cableway

Height check, the highest peak might be 1087 meters high. The Cable Car only goes to around 1 km (3280.84ft) high. Elevation of the Aerial Cableway is less than that of the Beacon, signifying the park’s highest point.

This electrical Cableway had to position on the northern face due to the building constraints, being oriented facing the Atlantic Ocean and the CBD. Past owners (South African government), with the Department of Tourism and the TMACC, built Tafelberg funicular.

A contact center briefs visitors on the history behind the ride. Tours are an excellent way to gain insight. Height wise, the mechanical machine, built over two decades ago, stands around one-kilometer km, or 3280.84 feet.

The machine is thanks to the tender of the engineers who built the framework. Nowadays, air transport remains unchanged. Only the construction has supported upgrades. Let us go ahead to 10 fun facts.

Tafelberg Facts!

Natural wonders are fascinating; in fact, we are here to share ten exciting life facts on the New Seven Wonder of Nature. These facts amaze people, including how Table Mountain formed.

Amazing facts, why is it called Tafelberg? Answer themselves in the history of the flat top. Curious effects of the flat top? Then read on while we shared these educational facts to share with friends. The Cape wildlife zone is around 1 km (3280.84ft) high!

The park spans hundreds of kilometers (or miles). Tafel translates to “table” in Afrikaans, and the peak gets its name from the flattop of the uppermost rock.

The geology of Tafelberg, comprising three major stone types Granite, Sandstone, and other rock types. Interesting facts, Tafelberg rose from the ocean floor of the 330 million years ago. Now that is one old mountain, the upper station, constructed around two decades ago.

In the year 2020, Aerial Cableway was closed because of the coronavirus, COVID-19 maps show that the Mother City was one of the hardest-hit cities predisposed to the airborne pathogen. Inappropriate fun fact. The summit has lots of deaths. We hope that those fantastic, engaging, and fun facts captured attention. Curious for more key points? Read the article to the end.

Table Mountain Has Graced The Mother City

The wonder of an African city. By definition, everyone is beautiful. One person might differ from someone else. There are outstanding hotels in Cape Town, including the Cape Grace Hotel and One and Only. Those hotels do not compare to Tafelberg. Four essential facts on Table Mountain, excellent news!

Tafelberg National Park, acclaimed as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature. The height of the precious pinnacle is over 1 kilometer (3280.84 feet) high, at 1087 m. Tafelberg is astounding, and one’s definition cannot falter for how the lovely rock pinnacle sticks out in the back.

The wall of stone is a source of tourism, and the Cable Car shuttles hundreds of tourists every day. Lions Head elevation gives the animalistic resemblance of 667 meters mountaintop, below Cape Town’s 1 kilometer (3280.84ft) peak.

Table Mountain Birthday And Sunset Special

Special announcement! E-vouchers may not be on sale. Depending on nationality and age, tickets are discriminatory. Only citizens of local origin can access the mountain with discounted specials.

Not the common notion portrayed in the media; contrary, only SA citizens are privileged to reduced prices.

We know that they are not typical for those without South African ID (most readers). So we are here to offer tourists another opportunity to buy those nifty web tickets.

The ride provides vouchers to people on their birthday to Table Mountain’s height, but only with SA identity cards, same applies for students and seniors (sorry foreigners) Wild cards are available to everyone for the annual plan, but again, tourists do not go up more than once.

One time purchases gain more than enough time to understand how often the funicular queues. The queue times are enough to put off anyone from visiting a second time out of season without proper planning. Specials, best bought in advance. There are past visitors in reviews who agree.

Cableway Specials And Discounts

Better than nothing. A special ticket makes one’s day. Discount cuts, including the birthday and sunset deals, make positive experiences. Not always available, they need time and effort to find reduced web tickets of the year.

Those passes provided at lessened prices work in much the same way as Walt Disney packages, and the fun lab starts before the day by ordering online in advance. Ticket prices vary based on the number of entries and month.

An illustration, December is the peak month. Those visiting should snatch up any pre-offer on special, regardless of their pricing. Those rates, along with the times set at the start of each year. Similar to the fantastic Eiffel Tower tickets.

There are prices and opening hours for the funicular. Box offices only offer birthday specials, R90 specials—Sunset specials at varying times.

One can not find one at the exact time of one’s trip without luck. Those specials on Cableway tickets are available as discounts throughout the calendar year. Tafelberg hosts a wide range of promotions, but that depends when the ride opens. For example, today is a birthday great, b-day special. Nevertheless, if one is not a South African, regular entry is available. Buy online on our website.

The rates are not different for foreigners, so buy a regular one. The open hours of the Aerial Cableway depend on conditions. However, in the Mother City, since the weather changes so often, no set times exist.

Instead, the corporation issued a guideline on the opening times. Want to read more? Our site has the adjusted schedule for funicular operations updated for each month. Users can search if help officials are open for business and outcomes results.

The average time that they open is at 8:30 am, and the last funicular return, the time at which everyone goes home, is around 7:00 pm—noted that this could change based on holidays, including a severe natural climate.

Best Table Mountain Passes Online

Best Table Mountain Passes Online

Anyone can get e-cards online through our website. Those details, including entry specials, on offer through us. Web tickets for the funicular recommended bought in advance for the ride. Since the weather changes from time to time, we recommend searching “Table Mountain weather,” for the day purchased.

Tickets priced according to the schedule made available on this website. Different times cost varying amounts. For example, birthday specials, in particular, may be cheaper than the regular cableway pass.

Cable Car & hop-on hop-off bus combo is sometimes the preferred way to buy e-vouchers online. Those deals are for bookings. Prices updated on our website for the current year.

Discount codes may give a slight reduction in cost, limited to one voucher per person. They reduce attraction deals with single tickets for those wanting to better their expenditure.

From Tickets To Arrival

From buying express cards online to getting there, we discuss how to buy passes without a CC. Then arrive and enjoy the Aerial Cableway. Most buy entry online through us (although visitors buy web tickets through the on-site office on the day). Those without credit cards are better suited waiting in the 2-3 hour line for passes.

People WITH either a PayPal account or ANY major credit card (VISA, Mastercard, Debit Card, American Express), can buy discounted passes. The time saved by purchasing vouchers online includes two to three hours of scorching heat during summer and around one hour during winter.

Comparative to cheap concert tickets, do not wait until the last moment to buy. Visitors sometimes wait a long time, and it may even be unobtainable. Times to queue vary based on the ticket purchased and time going there.

Smart people opt for an early rise. To get there means competing with hundreds of other people with similar ideas without advanced booking. Our website is the one place special for the Aerial Cableway, purchased in advance.

We show visitors how to sing along to the drumbeat while rising to conquer the crowds of people boarding on Tafelberg Road. Park before and set up an opening on the main road. The help of parking near the lower station is no need to walk far (1km, equals 3280.84ft) in the heat during summer.

Another tip is buying tickets in advance. To wait in a long line before buy admission (then queue again in another line) is no-one’s cup of tea. One reserves e-passes before buying them online; the transaction is hassle-free.

Start by searching specials, including the sunset or birthday deals, then go to Google and enter “Table Mountain Cable Car.” The search pops up with our website. Buy admissions, do not wait.

From there, do not leave late. Planning is part of arriving at the observation deck at an empty hour. View the highest point in CBD without people by going there early.

Cableway Location In Cape Town Central

The attraction, central in the Western Cape, is 1km (3280.84ft) from Signal Hill. There many attractions within the vicinity. Things include day tours, Long Street, and other recommended activities.

TripAdvisor collects these experiences in the form of reviews, and they post them online. If in doubt, seek advice from other travelers online.

Only regulated activities recommended for travelers, considering South Africa an unsafe place for most. Reviews show essentials, including the Cable Car. Other benefits are checking up on other essential aspects of a vacation, such as central accommodation and hotels in the Mother City.

While prices on this site give an exact cost to ride the electrical-mechanical ride in Western Cape, travelers may prefer finding out from the visitor information center. To get there, take the bus to the Cableway Station and inquire, but check the weather before because it may close.

The 10 Best Table Mountain And Cableway Tours & Tickets

A catch! Steal for the cheapest buy. The best definition means the most cost-effective method or improved choice by default on the funicular. We are here to offer cost-saving buys for ticket prices.

Contact details confirm that sometimes, weather-wise, better to buy a ticket online, why? Exclusive specials are benefits. Those benefits include seven days validity on cards, a free Table Mountain tour (terms of the TMACC apply), and insight into the info for Cableway ticket specials (such as b-day). There are other specials, the R90, and sunset discounts, but they revolve around the tickets.

Since 2020, the ride might be closed. The 2020 closure made the news! Because of the pandemic. Let us clarify that admissions are now on sale through us. If web tickets for the funicular are available, then the Cable Car is open. No need to consider closure. Since we are on topic, we are informing everyone about the ten best Cableway tickets and tours.

To start with, the most popular one, buy fast-track cards online. Second, get e-vouchers via a wholesaler. The third buy passes at the office. The latter and fourth get entry through a tour.

Five buy combo deals. Six, arrange with friends or partners. Seven, lookout for the best buy sale (not so often). Eight, call TMACC service. Ninth, wait till sold. Number ten hike up and ride downwards. The first, “buy online,” is always better, followed by arranging wild card passes via a wholesale.

Table Mountain Cable Car Ticket & Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Combo

The fifth choice, “buy combo deals,” is popular with tourists who do not know the landscape. There are services combining buses and Aerial transport. The tour bus is one of those providers. Those tours deliver passengers to multiple venues. Red Bus timetables are not always within the schedule, so according to reviews, best to get Cable Car admission online.

There is no “perfect combo,” and cards come with advantages and disadvantages for using the Aerial Cableway. Urban dictionaries define a combo as a coupled with two or more items. Add e-cards now for checkout. It is not possible to post-plan, think of those massive queuing times, remember our deals ASAP before one arrives.

Tourism Information For 2020

Tourism Information For 2020

The elusive five-star Aerial Cableway is a promoter of South African tourism. The ride deserves a first prize tourist attraction for Africa. We are here to give answers on the leading vacation spot. The high natural park is a New 7 Wonders of Nature, toppling over the CBD, and is a spotted landmark.

Hanging Cableways, including Cape Town’s aerial railway, is one ride that shuttles visitors over at a km (3280.84ft) high. The tourist-centered contraption is the “Cable Car near me,” for it stretches The Mother City on the North Face.

History is even a fascinating starting point, during a time when African tourism had the idea to summit the flat top with an electrical Cableway.

The Cableway erected over two decades ago, and part of South African history, supported many upgrades over the Cape. A funicular ride is a synonym with pride and joy for locals looking to view South Africa in a whole new light, shedding silver-lined clouds for tourists to absorb the view from above Cape Town.

The fascinating history of the building includes these wild things, incorporated in the company managing the Aerial Cableway.

Built by engineers and importing many of the raw materials, the Cableway grew from the mountain. Then the start of the deck and hull forming this large pulley. The right question is, how often does the Cable Car run? Might one ask on a good day?

The ride steeps up and short decent runs every 5 minutes or as often as the crowd allows with refilling the circular contraption in the center.

An Overview Of The Aerial Cableway

Near the Upper Station, no accommodation exists. Those options left for the hikers. The entry to the station on Table Mountain differs from the other electrical cableway systems in South Africa, including Hartbeespoort (Harties). The higher elevation of the Western Cape attracts more specials from the R90 to birthday parties.

We can find Web tickets for the rated tourist attraction online at multiple sources, such as our website, discounted. Search the weather before because sometimes winds surround Cape Town and make tourists believe the Cable Car is closed (when not ceased). The operations close because of conditions.

Prices adjust based on the number of visitors and the entry issued. For example, two people are more expensive than one person or attending a Sunset Special offer. Seek advice through the contact details.

If one is looking for answers such as the height and other tourism information facts, keep on reading because Cape Town will be the best out!

Table Mountain Cable Car

The Upper Cableway building is inclusive of the Cafe and restaurant. Inseparable from the size of the building on top of the massive rock. To get to the contraption at the bottom of Tafelberg Road, take the large funicular and queue at designated times. Web tickets for the ride, purchased in advance through this website.

Otherwise, without the cart up the North Face, complete with a torturous hike. Specials for the return trip are available, including birthday specials, and the R90 Special. The good news is that specials exist, but only South African citizens can apply for discounted rates. The mountain closure applies on any day (because of weather).

It is best to check out the details listed on our website. Table Mountain call center informs visitors if operations are open or closed.

Cape Town Tourism Importance

Tourism is foreigners journeying from the depths of the earth, to enjoy a moment on an alien continent, country, or unfamiliar territory. Western Cape is no different, and a simple description could be the lush green nature that people come to visit from around the globe. History tells us that the victorious peak established a name many decades ago.

Only with the recent advancement of the funicular did the region set growth targets far higher than any time in history. A touristic economy is essential for tourism to bring in money and two, the awareness of the landmark grows, and three; horizons expanded with the growing awareness. Since foreign explorers are nothing new, Table Mountain experienced many visitors paying homage each year.

Not a tourism essay, but the City of Cape Town did a superb job in the 90s to bring foreigners into the country. Post-apartheid was part of the history of ZA. Safety, called into question in recent years, as the murder rate and rape spiked in rural areas (not metro).

Known as dangerous, South Africa is crime-ridden. Upcoming events in the Mother City include Cable Car birthday specials (on one’s birthday!) and the unforgotten R90 discount. The latter is not available today, but check back later.

Tourism encompasses visiting the national park; one particular moment is looking for web tickets to the landmark. It is easy to visit Tafelberg in South Africa and buy the e-vouchers in advance, and one is ready! One more province off the map and crossed off the bucket list for now. Cape Town crime is nothing to worry about, and tourists are staying in safe zones.

Green areas such as the Central region and Atlantic Seaboard are popular among tourists touting to Google the Cape. Tourism is massive. There are kinds of places for everyone, everything, and anyone. Family-friendly, wheelchair accessible, and the best place for “things near me” included in the reviews, guaranteed!

Table Mountain Weather For Today And Tomorrow

Table Mountain Weather Updates For Today And Tomorrow

One may ask on Google, what is the forecast today? So, we answer that question and provide more information on the climate. Since the early days of the National Weather Service, they have plagued the service with errors, why? Because conditions are not correct when compared to Cape Town.

The heat map differs from that of the town. Why? One, the gigantic peak does not have individual weather radars. Two, the Aerial Cableway hourly forecast provides exact data based on the clouds, wind, sun, and rain that should flow and not that which comes from the sea through the City Bowl.

The camera can be a better source of weather updates for the current conditions on a tall peak. It is enough of a question to ask the ranges on the tall cliff today, never mind asking: What is tomorrow’s foresight?

As long as weather channel radars are getting the latest update, there will be hourly readings. The lack of proper time data renders the forecast incorrect.

The lower city is a foothold to show the climate on an enormous peak. Peak weather cameras are another excellent guiding information service. Because it provides exact pictorial data on conditions above the large rock mass, AccuWeather is another rough weather help desk that can estimate the temperature on the sizable peak.

Table Mountain Weather Forecast (1087m)

Are users looking for a weather update? The weather updates for the contrasting peak are deceiving. The height estimate at a staggering 1.08 km above sea level renders even the best weather forecasting radars useless.

Cape Town’s predictions are not equal to Tafelberg’s insights, both at different levels above the sea. Weather radars are not helpful when the sharp peak protrudes above the land and a one-kilometer height.

14-day weather forecasts are only an approximation of whether it will rain on the day. Weather channel can give a better source of information on the conditions in the Mother City. The peak forecast requires cameras, live updates, and actual people on the ground.

Ask if Tafelberg is operating, good question! Cape Town weather is four seasons in one day, meaning if raining one moment, then it could be sunny the next. Most days, by looking at the vintage peak, visitors can set up whether the National Park accepts guests.

Clouds on top of the peak are frequent, but for strong gale force winds above 50 km (31.07 mph) an hour, and rain, those are conditions to scrutinize.

People staying or living in the Tafelberg zone, including those at the base of the summit, will find that their assumptions are correct. Clouds from the sea move into the Mother City.

In those cases, the foghorn will sound, and travelers can assume that clouds follow in the city but not on the ultimate peak. Other days light rain in the Cape starts as a slight drizzle but soon clears up, and then a sunny day follows. When in doubt, ask Google. Search if the Cableway services visitors or should be open.

Today’s Table Mountain Weather

Since the tall peak’s weather varies from the surrounding city, web tickets bought daily can get scanned in, and used seven days from the date printed on the card. Specials differ because one cannot redeem it for any days other than the print date.

Those days, plans just will not arrange themselves, and one has to find another way of visiting the elusive peak.

One may search the weather on the peak today. If visitors do not have a discount, then they can visit the iconic peak any day from the marked date, plus several days. Table Mountain ZA weather is not exact, and as above, AccuWeather may not be the best point of entry on how to visit.

It takes the eye to see the rising peak from below, or above-to assume that it works. Reviews or contact details are another alternative for those who want to figure out whether the funicular is open today. Cableway on Twitter tweets sometimes with operations and news data.

Weather Forecast For Table Mountain

Western Cape shows better weather than the Northern Cape. The peak’s height provides a natural climate, encompassing vast stretches of land. Facts, more plant species grow on the old peak than in the Amazonian rain forest.

The gigantic peak formed from a prehistoric piece of land protruding from the ocean floors up to the skies 350 million years ago. Lions Head is part of the National Park. Lion’s head is 667 meters, where Tafelberg’s highest peak stands at 1087 m.

Pictures can prove the tallest point comparative to CBD. It gives visitors a good idea for the visibility on the top of the tall peak, including the forecast. WindGuru provides wind data for the mountaintop, depending on which side of the rock face one looks at, different readings show.

The north face includes Table Mountain, incoming wind from the Atlantic effects operations. Current weather on peak depends on the forthcoming rain, hurricanes, and formation of the tabletop. Since conditions differ from that of the city, we encourage checking whether the Cableway is open now for any day of one’s visit to the Cape.

Table Mountain’s Live Weather

There is more to learn. The giant earth rock sits outside the Mother City. Radar only provides a fragment, as one needs to know the “weather near me.” Live Webcams near V&A waterfront are available for visitors to stare at the skyline of a remarkable city.

Live weather channels, including those with webcam views near the Cape Town International Airport, Camps Bay, and the enormous peak itself, give real-time video feed. Forecast channels only offer a hint.

Research is an exciting part of visitor’s journeys of experiencing the rock star peak. Visitors can sense the breeze for themselves on top.

Hour By Hour Weather Forecast

AccuWeather only provides half of the picture, searching hourly weather from anywhere else will yield false results. Weather is in Celsius, not Fahrenheit because South Africa uses the metric table.

Under the cloudy sun, the top rock is windy; it is windier on colder days, compared to sunny days. The weather patterns are not always correct. Often the best forecast is at the upper deck.

We encourage visitors to use their eyes to assess the high cliff before booking a ride. Weather channels for the mountainous peak of discouraged for visitors without via visual line of sight for peak cloud cover.

Table Mountain Cable Car Contact

Table Mountain Cable Car Contact

Most people contact the Cableway to enquire. To find out if Tafelberg is open today. There are ways that one can check the ride schedule, maintenance, and specials, including the birthday and sunset discounts.

Those contact details are the best way to get in touch with the Aerial Cableway.

To look for the museum will yield the same results. Most often, those looking for the “Cable Car near me” pointed to the Cableway station in Cape Town with the Upper Cableway museum and information desk providing an estimated wait time for the ride.

Get in touch with the company by first buying tickets on our website and then proceeding to the lower information desk (opposite the hop-on-hop-off bus). Web tickets purchased in beforehand allow users to gain entry to the top Cableway.

Visitors can again contact the Aerial Cableway via the help desk at the upper station and restaurant. The operations have no reliable contact because a direct line leads to the Table Mountain weather, a constant question asked by visitors.

What is the Cable Car’s Contact?

The Cableway’s details are on the website. Those details made available to those searching for the help number. Nobody will answer, and instead, once met with an automated answering machine. Does the company speak English? Sure they do, in a South African accent.

Operators pre-record weather each day to playback. Typical questions the Cableway gets asked are, one, Is the Aerial Cableway open? Second is, “is the Cable Car closed,” Three, birthday specials, and number four, contacts of Cape Town Tourism.

Now accepting bookings, our website takes inquiries. The website where one can find details accepts payment for the ride. Web tickets follow each order of passes with our business information.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway

Excellent still here? Well, we have got fun facts. Those who know get fascinated by these cool playground tips to know more, formed over two decades ago, starting with the electrical Cableway. They declared the masterpiece open by the owners.

Who are the owners? There is over one. The managing companies are the TMACC and SANParks, both control different parts of operations. For such an example, TMACC manages the Cableway infrastructure. SANParks ensures maintenance and safety. Most history is behind the South African. The building is so old that it beats most teens.

There are others asking questions unrelated to Aerial Cableway facts, such as web tickets, we know where to find them. Table Mountain Cable Car entry passes bought online. Our website is easy to use and intuitive for users. More complicated specials, rely on the weather, date, and offer. For example, birthday specials are only available, wait for it, on birthdays.

That they are only open to a South African, contact details confirm this. Questions raised allot include the height of the enormous peak. The point of the matter is that the elevation is around one kilometer (3280.84ft).

Actual height measured around 1087m. We update those figures, so the Aerial Cableway remains so popular that it needs a remeasure in recent years. Check out how to visit if looking to go up, and last, the opening and closing times, found by searching “is Table Mountain open today?” Happy traveling and relax!

Cableway Ticket Rates & Opening Hours

Tafelberg is an open house, accepting visitors during the four seasons. The business hours of the ride close because of intense weather and other factors. The disabling winds and abundant rain, change both the regular business times and the holiday schedule.

We quote the prices in South African Rands (ZAR), so foreigners are best informed to buy web tickets. Cableway ticket rates and opening times adjust from year to year, so pre-booking passes lock in prices online before the trip.

R90 specials are not available, and those last year’s prices are outdated. Better to peek at the updated Table Mountain ticket prices on our website. One more thing, traveling to a peak during a holiday means that there might be special hours and the weather.

Once confirmed, entries are valid for a whole seven days. Meaning they can change the scheduled program on account of severe weather. Look at the latest hourly or daily forecast for planning when the Cable Car is open. Winds above 30km/h (18.64 mph), and the transport is closed.

Cableway Tickets Online

The better way is our site since our business aims to purchase express entries with information. Buy passes without a credit card by opting for the PayPal choice. No PayPal account needed. Now those choices for buying vouchers include an Aerial Cableway guide, which improves chances of getting better information on Table Mountain online specials.

Once bought those web tickets are much compared to concert tickets, in that they are valid for a predetermined time and day, good up to seven days. Other vendors will tell visitors that buying admissions from them is the best. Why? We disagree, without the proper information provided, the tickets lack clarity. Ready! Let us move on to the FAQS.


How long does Table Mountain take?

The time one needs to visit the colossal peak varies based on one’s interests, the average time of 2 to 3 hours suffices in most instances. One can take longer if hiking or relax if need be and take a stroll along with the upper Aerial Cableway viewing deck.

On average, most people take around two to three hours. They know that they need to queue on return. The task can take between 1 to 2 hours.

How long is the Tafelberg ride?

The ride itself takes under five minutes. If one accounts for the time waiting, then upwards of 2 to 3 hours during peak period. Buy vouchers online and save the hassle of waiting in the wrong path for the tickets queue.

How does one get up to Table Mountain Cable Car?

To get to the transportation is easy, multiple modes of transport are available to ascend to the top. The peak is accessible via the lower Cableway base station.

The easiest is to take the MyCiTi bus, the Cape Town public transport aimed at shuttling passengers to the point of entry on the iconic peak. From there, cross the road to access the base Aerial Cableway office. Go to the express queuing line for those who purchased Cable Car admissions to the upper Cableway.

What are the Tafelberg admission costs?

Vouchers for the top vary based on whether one is going one way or booking a return trip for the funicular. Purchasing tickets online through us lessens the price of the ticket. One saves the loss of waiting in line for the ride by pre-booking online and receiving passes within 24 hours, check out the reviews.

Table Mountain cost

Tickets cost depends on the card issued and the time of day one goes. Funicular tickets are cheaper than one way of hiking up and then taking the return ride. Return trips have cost-saving and time-saving benefits.

The contact details confirm sales or discounted specials. Sunset special, birthday special and R90 special are a few. For those without South African citizenship, those discounts are not applicable. Cableway passes purchased through us, the cheapest cost to go to the upper peak with no hassle-guaranteed!

The highest privacy protection in the industry is that we do not store user data with third parties.

Things That exist on Tafelberg

Things to do on Table Mountain. More activities than in the city. What to do on the flat section depends on imagination. Most imagine the sharp pinnacle in this vast landscape, with little vegetation-wrong! What exists on the peak? On top, one can see the Cape from the bird’ s-eye view that no one else sees from the land. There are birds, café’s, restaurants, and shops.

Photography of the inspiring peaks are popular, Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope, the most visible attractions from a vantage point none other than the pinnacle.

CPT to Tafelberg directions

That is a good question, and one we ask ourselves sometimes to get from Table Mountain to Cape Town in the minimal time-one must ride the Cable Car. To take the funicular will save two hours from hiking descent on steep trails and be an asset in whether one reaches the city on time. The town itself is extensive, so being specific where one wants to go defines time.

How does one go from 1000m to 0 in five minutes, Cableway! Get the local transport from the prominent Lower Aerial Cableway to Central and enjoy spectacular views from above at 360°. Enjoy the fastest time out on the route from the Upper Cableway station to Central.

There is no quicker way other than the presidential helicopter, or a ticket out on rescue emergency helicopters (reserved for the injured).

How long does the entire journey take?

The duration depends on the visitor’s goals, from getting admission to the star pinnacle. If one is more of a person trot along at a leisurely pace, take 4 to 5 hours, without counting the clock. If time is not available, and one experiences the shortest time, then the recommended duration Table mountain should take around 2 to 3 hours, enough time to go to the funicular.

Drink or have a meal on top of the café and get photos. Head back when completed. It takes longer because of the lines; but, during peak season, expect a wait of at least 30 minutes to one hour. Now that visitors have the time to return plan the next visit to Western Cape with the best guide out, our website, then buy tickets to complete the upcoming vacation.

Cable Car schedule

The schedule runs every five minutes, often as the weather permits. They adjust the times every annual maintenance schedule, so any consistent times are pre-planned. The Aerial Cableway can close on account of the weather.

How long does one need to enjoy?

Most people spend two to three hours. We can extend time-based on the person’s interests. We recommend spending longer on hiking than if one is to take the ride. Waiting in line adds an extra 2 to 3 hours during peak season. Take time and relax! Total time around 4 to 6 hours.

How much is the Cable Car?

On our website, find cost data for the Cableway. Most passes are within the budget, making it easy for everyone to afford to go up by the ride. Discounted entries available for South African citizens, and other featured promotions only available on this website. Check an updated list of prices on our site.

How do visitors access the mountain?

One must take either a taxi or self-drive to the lower station to catch the transport. The journey takes around 20 minutes from CPT Central. Those taking public transport will take the MyCiTi bus from the City Center to the Tafelberg parking via Kloof Nek Road.

Duration of the Table Mountain walk.

Fitness level, and capabilities on mountaineering, dictate how long the walk takes. It might take one around 2 to 3 hours. Not including the time to snack, drink, and relax. There are two options to hike up. Not to be made without a guide. Platteklip Gorge is the most common trek.

Is Climbing Table Mountain Hard?

Well, that depends on whom one asks, but climbing the sheer rock can be hard. Reviews confirm. There are various routes, paths, and trails that one can do for hikes. Day trips include easy, moderate, and hard trails.

Visitors to decide which one works best and whether to climb Tafelberg via an easier or a harder route. Platteklip Gorge is the easiest route while India Venster and Skeleton Gorge at Kirstenbosch, the hardest.

Is Table Mountain the highest in Africa?

Kilimanjaro is higher than Tafelberg; many speculate that the South African peak is a harder hike. More people fail to summit the flat top peak than the ever-higher famous pinnacle. If one asks the tallest mountain in South Africa, the answer is the Mafadi peak. Around 3450 meters compared to Tafelberg’s 1087m.

Most agree that Platteklip Gorge is among the hardest routes in RSA, beating Skeleton Gorge and India Venster because of its sharp incline.

How was Table Mountain formed?

Upper rock formed 350 million years ago. The peak draws in visitors from around the world and shows the spectacular power of nature in the flat top. Over the years, the soft rock eroded, leaving behind a hardtop. There are three dominant rock types. The majority is dense Granite.

What are the prices for Table Mountain?

The return trip cost is affordable. We adjust those for the recent year, updated. How much depends on the number of cards issued! There are discounts and specials available only on our website for admissions.

Created with customers in mind; E-vouchers break the wallet less than waiting in line. All cards provided are within reasonable price ranges, giving that the admission for passes comes with so much information. There is more to plain rock than meets the eye.

Last Cable Car return

At 5 pm, but we have made a schedule based on the times that the ride goes up, and the last times for each month. For example, winter is earlier than summer and summer an hour or two later than winter. A visitor needs to check the contact details.

Is it possible to buy tickets at the shop?

Not a good idea. There are a few ways to gain passes upon arriving at Tafelberg, but those choices likely not for most. For starters, only one way exists to get return cards at the trinkets shop.

Restaurant and café used to sell passes, but now only sales lady at the top Aerial Cableway station sells e-vouchers. The people in green (staff) wanted to streamline pass sales. Still, they ended up shifting the sales online. That is why passes are available on our website.

How do self-drive visitors get to Tafelberg?

Follow the directions from maps to reach the ride within 20 minutes. From Cape Town Central, take the high road called Buitenkant to the Kloof Nek Road and, after, turn left. Continue for 100 meters to the parking place, after the Pipeline track, to access the Lower station parking.

How much is the unused ticket to Table Mountain?

Prices vary in prices for the funicular. Pre-trip passes are a preferred way for many to ascend the tall peaks. Do not wait to buy those nifty e-vouchers. No, get express admission online now! The cost for which varies based on the combination and the total number of cards issued.

How long is the Table Mountain Cable Car ride?

They measured 4 to 5 minutes duration, but better count the time to wait in line, A, with a Cableway ticket and B, without one. To ride the funicular in under five minutes, pre-book tickets in advance for the transport.

Can one buy tickets at the top of Tafelberg?

Yes, but one should not. Cableway passes at the upper station. We do not recommend it because the lines are long. A return trip with us is time-saving and more convenient.

Can one buy tickets at Table Mountain?

E-cards at the venue are a different question (we oppose the idea), why? Because the waiting queue has large long lines. During peak season, the admission queue range extends one kilometer (or a mile) or further on the road while the cars pile back to back.

That is for getting cards on-site at Tafelberg. Better is to buy pre-booked passes in advance through our website.

How much is a Cable Car to Table Mountain?

Costs updated on the website for e-passes stocked to rock the day and priced in USD. To see the web ticket cost, including the entrance, visit the latest prices page. Most of the time, these costs change with Dollar Rand, so we make them available in the currency of our location. Prices are, more often than not, cheaper than visiting the Aerial Cableway, why? Because of the sunk costs of waiting in line for hours.

People choose electronic Cableway tickets vs. printed passes (print is available) because of the time-saving convenience and the fact that the ticket office is a long wait.

How long is the Cable Car ride to Table Mountain?

The actual ride is short, under five minutes. To get there, take the Lower Aerial Cableway from the express queue with passes, bought on our site. Within the ride up, one will see the Mother City from 360-degree angles.

Not enough? The duration includes hard to see spots in the Western Cape. Best things include the view of Robben Island. Let us remember the Cape of Good Hope. More frequented places are the Boulder Beach, Penguin Colony, and the Atlantic Oceans.

Can one buy tickets on top of the peak?

Sure, but we do not recommend it. No, do not! There are long lines to buy vouchers at the pinnacle of the massive shop. No longer does one need to wait in line for passes. Buy online.

There are benefits to purchasing Cableway e-passes in advance through us. Those individual items include a whole seven-day validity to the infamous landmark in Cape Town. Most days are great! There are access entries to the Aerial Cableway, free WiFi zone, and the restaurant and bar. Entry cards afford visitors a particular extra reason for every occasion.

How do travelers get to Table Mountain Cable Car?

To get there, take the local expressway, from Central up Kloof Nek via the Upper Buitenkant Street. Public transport? Search the “bus near me” for the info. Most people take either private transport (their rental car) or the MyCiTi bus to the Lower Aerial Cableway. Look towards the Platteklip Gorge entrance and up the steep hiking trail around one-hundred meters driving along the road.

From there, backtrack to the parking along Tafelberg Road, and squeeze the car in a spot. If one is not comfortable driving, walk up to the main road, where the Pipe Track starts, and surprise, more parking. The ride starts one kilometer down the road.

Is the sun shining on top of Tafelberg today?

Visitors may ask of what is the visibility on the above-ground peak today. Answers elude most. To seek the conditions, ask, what is the weather in Cape Town? There are different answers, based on the topography of the prehistoric rock.

The victorious peak is 1 km (3280.84ft) high and supports a different host climate to CBD. The sun is fabulous on the summit. Better than Mother City central, why? Because the rocky pinnacle is above the clouds. Find out the high-altitude climate by visiting the national weather channel or look at Google, AccuWeather, Iweathar

What is the temperature on top of Table Mountain?

Altitude temperatures are colder than the CBD surrounding district. Why? Because the high up peak has a cleaner and fresher air. During the summer, the overarching peak gets hot; during winter, the rock face can have a better temperature than the surrounding city.

Wet season pushes in the sea breeze, making the city instead of freezing, while on the pinnacle above the clouds, the weather can be bearable. Average temperatures range from 12° during colder months to 30° during summer measured in Celsius. Dry heat categorizes Cape weather, and tourists can still visit with a short or long sleeve in winter.

Is it colder on top of Table Mountain?

One may ask every so often, “how cold is it on Tafelberg?”. Thus, the answer may not be so simple. As one knows, the height of the pinnacle-at one km (3280.84ft), is higher than the city around it and makes for colder climates. How could it depend on the season; during the wet season, the high pinnacle can be more refreshing than summer.

Given that, on any day, the conditions can change from 2 to 4 seasons in one day. It ranges from the rain in the morning to the sun in the afternoon. The coldest recorded temperatures on the ground have been below freezing. Nevertheless, those infrequent days are only one or two days per year. Remember, a jacket pullover during winter and, during summer, bring an umbrella, as the temperatures get hot on top of the tallest peak.

How often is Table Mountain closed?

The frequency in which Tafelberg is closed depends on the conditions, season, and annual maintenance. If the mountaintop closure applies, the announcement is on the contact number or visible when the mechanical transport seen through the clouds. If those days, the rain pours from the sky, or the wind picks up from the ocean, the top section will be closed.

The Cableway may often stay closed in the morning because of light rain or strong wind, only to open later again during the afternoon. Daily operations may close for a significant part of the day, or if put on pause, it might open later.

Table Mountain cost

The price changes and only estimates given. Each year, the managing company behind the Cableway changes how much admission costs. Makes estimating very hard. We can say that booking admission via our website is better than buying at the venue. Ready, set, and go! Those discounted web tickets might be the best way to ascend the high top in under five minutes.

What time does the last ride descend?

Last times are season dependent. On average, the final Cable Car up Tafelberg departs at around 5:00 pm. Winter is earlier than summer, as the time in which the ultimate car goes up, the summit as late as 7:00 pm during peak weeks. Plan for around 4:00 pm because the funicular might take longer than expected and always remember the waiting lines. Avoid getting up late by pre-booking.

How does one get to Tafelberg Cable Car?

Most enjoy worry-free transport from Cape Town by their tour company, who is driving by themselves and enquiring for directions. Ask Google, “How do I get to Table Mountain” because it is the right question. The best and easiest way to reach by hiring a car and parking on Tafelberg Road. Cross the car park to the Lower Aerial Cableway.

Tickets at the top of Tafelberg

We sell the top of the mountain tickets is for hikers. Why? Because the queue can extend beyond a reasonable time. Buy online via our website to save hours waiting in line.